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What is Goodwings Experiences?

Goodwings Experiences is an online marketplace for social impact activities all over the world. The activities (or “experiences”) are hosted by nonprofit organisations.

How does Goodwings Experiences work?

Nonprofit organisations add their social impact activities to the marketplace. Travel agencies/tour operators – as well as other travellers looking for authentic experiences – can inquire about the posted activities and book them directly through the marketplace by making a secure payment via bank account or an international credit card.

Who receives the money?

The price of any given experience on the marketplace consists of the amount paid to the nonprofit organisation (the experience host) and a 10% service fee to Goodwings. There are no hidden fees.

For example, if an experience costs USD 500, the nonprofit organisation who hosts the experience receives this amount. On top of that, we add a 10% service fee paid by the customer. This fee makes the marketplace possible. In this example, the total price paid by the customer will be USD 550.

Goodwings handles everything relating to the secure payment.

What is Goodwings?

Goodwings is a Danish company. We run – a hotel booking platform focused on for corporate travel where every booking results in a donation to a charity

Instead of relying on mass media like other large hotel booking sites, our message is spread via social media and our charities. The money we save on marketing is given to these charities, who use it to fund their projects. That's how we're turning the travel industry into a force for positive and sustainable change. One hotel at a time.

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For travellers

How do I book?

Type in your group information in the contact form to the right of the experience. The Goodwings Experiences Team will contact you and start planning your dream trip.

How do I pay?

Goodwings Experiences uses Stripe Connect to power payments. You can pay via bank transactions and international credit cards. All payments are secure.

Are there booking fee applicable?

For every experience booked, we charge a 10% service fee, which enables us to run this marketplace.

How do I know that hosts are who they say they are?

At Goodwings we have a close relationship with all our nonprofit partners, and we have vetted all of them. We also have continuous quality assurance sessions with our nonprofit partners to ensure 1) that their activities live up to the high Goodwings Experiences standards, and 2) that they get the most out of the marketplace.

Following the activity, we kindly ask you to write a review about the experience and its host directly on the site. This review allows the nonprofit organisation to improve the experience, and it also allows other customers to select the best possible experience.

You are always welcome to reach out to the Goodwings Experiences team if you have further questions or concerns about one of our partners.

For nonprofit organisations

For Travel agents/ tour operators

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Contact the Goodwings Experiences team on or call +45 60 73 74 75.