How it works

1. Search for an experience

Goodwings’ nonprofit partners all around the world have added inspiring activities for you to easily book. You can search by location, type of experience and group size. You can also filter by social impact focus, for example experiences focused on People or Planet.

All experiences have been quality-assured by Goodwings, but besides the payment, all practical issues surrounding the activities are handled by the nonprofit organisations hosting them.

2. Interact with the host

When you’ve found what you want, you simply ask about availability and get more details about the experience by reaching out to the Goodwings partner hosting the experience. All directly through this site.

3. Book the experience

When you’re ready, it’s fast, easy and secure to book and pay for the experience. Besides a 10% transaction fee, the entire amount paid will go directly to the nonprofit organisation hosting the experience. This helps the nonprofit make a real social impact in their community and in the world. It's the fee that enables us to run this marketplace.

4. Receive all practical details

Following your payment, you will receive all the necessary practical details about the experience directly from the organisation or person hosting the activity. Share these details with the participants and communicate directly with the host about any questions you or the participants might have.

5. Share a review

When the experience is over, please gather some feedback from the participants and add a review of the host here on the site. This allows the nonprofit organisations to constantly offer better and more exciting experiences.